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Ceramic File Set – 4 Stones

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Ceramic File Set, 4 Stones


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Product Description

By Spyderco: Cearmic Files come in 4 distinct shapes: round, teardrop/slip, square and triangle. Approx. 5X 1/4 in. Files are sold as a set and include a leather pouch.

  • Includes:Fine Grit Stones In Round, Square, Triangular And Tear Drop Shapes
  • Storage:Split-Suede Case


    • Set of four fine-grit files in an attractive suede carrying case
    • Round, square, triangular, and slip-shaped teardrop) files
    • Helps maintain your cutlery and debur hardened tools, molds, and even carbide
    • Made in the USA; autoclave safe
    • Includes limited manufacturer’s warranty; details included with purchase


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