Air Force Survival Manual

Military Issue Manual AF Pamphlet 64-5. This is a very good book on search and rescue, combat survival and evading the enemy regardless of geographic location or climatic conditions. Good chapters on camouflage and movement survival, medical and method for avoiding illness. Well illustrated chapters on desert and cold weather survival along with shelter & fire starting techniques. 122 Pages

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Survival Manual

1970 Military Issue Survival Manual FM 21-76. One of our Top Selling books easily worth double the purchase price. General introduction, individual & group survival. Orientation, navigation, finding water in all parts of the world, how to obtain food, start a fire and much more. Very good quality Illustrations 288 Pages. An indispensable item for EVERY bug-out bag. 

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U.S. Army Ranger Handbook

Military Issue Manual SH 21-76. From 1756 When Major Robert Rogers Organized The Rangers Until Present Day Nothing Has Struck Fear Into The Hearts And Minds Of The Enemy Like The U.S. Army.

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U.S. Army Special Forces Hand-to-Hand Fighting Manual

U.S. Army Special Forces Manual ST 31-204. Originally available to special forces personnel only. The original manuals were printed at Fort Bragg, N.C. This manual was intended to develop an effective to hand fighter using the most effective techniques currently available. A brief history of hand-to-hand combat is included. Easy to understand step by step photos and illustrations. 124 pages

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