Video: Marines Practice Subduing Citizens Inside Internment Camp

Role players chant for food and water during alarming exercise by Paul Joseph Watson | May 14, 2015 Alarming video footage from a U.S. Marines training drill which took place in Arizona last month shows armed troops chasing down unruly … Read More

Special Forces Train With Cops For House to House Raids

South Carolina residents warned they may encounter military vehicles by Paul Joseph Watson | May 13, 2015 Special Forces out of Fort Bragg are training with SWAT officers in Richland County, South Carolina this week for house to house raids, … Read More

Watch These College Students Try to Answer Some Basic American History Questions

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Nov. 11, 2014 10:11am Zach Noble They may not know much about history or current events, but they know Brad Pitt’s marital history like the backs of their hands. In a YouTube video last month, Courtney Plunk with the student group … Read More

Police Cite, Threaten Arrest of 90-Year-Old Volunteer For Feeding the Homeless

Fort Lauderdale bans the sharing of food, prompting outrage by Paul Joseph Watson | November 3, 2014 Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida cited and threatened to arrest a 90-year-old man along with other volunteers for violating a new law that … Read More

Watch as 8 Police Officers Fire 46 Shots and Kill a Homeless Man in Broad Daylight

Out of control police brutality by Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg | October 30, 2014 Out of control police brutality (including outright murder), and the militarization of cops across America, while significant issues in their own right, take on an … Read More

Video: NYC Cops Dump Protective Gear in Public Trash After Leaving Ebola Danger Zone

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Officers had just visited area near Ebola victim’s apartment by Paul Joseph Watson | October 24, 2014 Shocking video footage shows two NYPD officers dumping their protective gear in a public trash can after leaving the area near the apartment … Read More

5-Year Old Child Forced To Sign ‘Non-Suicide Agreement’ After Crayon Gun Drawing

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“Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?” girl asked parents by Steve Watson | | October 17, 2014 A Kindergartner in Mobile, Alabama was forced to sign a contract by school officials saying that she would not try to harm other … Read More

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